Amazon Launches Free-to-Play Game Hub with Free Goodies and Exclusive Offers

amazon_launchFree-to-play has blossomed from a curious experiment into a viable and popular business model. It’s little wonder that e-commerce giant Amazon is getting in on the action.

The publishers of beloved hardcore JRPG franchises Persona and Shin Megami Tensei, Atlus, is offering free items for connecting through the new Amazon portal and additional items for anyone spending $5 on micro-transaction funny money.Titles include Shin Megami Tensei Imagine, Knights of the Sky, and the newly released 4X space strategy game BattleSpace . Offer is good thru July 26.

F2P juggernaut World of Tanks rumbles into the Amazon webspace with 3 exclusive bundles ranging from $10 to $20 packed with a titular vehicle and both gold and sliver coins.

Pteroglyph’s MOBA Rise of Immortals is giving players who create a new account or link an existing one before October 6th a free character bundle(!) featuring Karapyss and two alternate skins.

Steampunk 3D turn-based strategy game Iron Grip: Marauders is handing out a booster pack with 3 extra units and a bucket of cash just for signing up. This offer lasts until October 7th.

For the more traditional MMO fan, Allods Online is issuing a free starter package valued at $15 containing a purse of “Premium Crystal Chips” (Crunchy!) and an… “Enchanted Saddle”?  Sounds like a fun night for newcomers to Allods! Or, in fact, any gPotato game as they are all giving out $15 starter packs for the low, low price of gratis thru October 6.

There are other special offers to be found, both free and paid, so check out the full list on Because the only thing better than a free game is a free game that’s giving out free stuff!

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