Clouds Blow Away. EA to Remove Rock Band and DLC from App Store July 31

RBiOSJust a reminder from the leaders in digital tyranny, Electronic Arts (EA): We don’t owe you squat.

EA is slated to remove the iOS version of Rock Band, Rock Band Reloaded, and all DLC from the Apple’s App Store effective July 31st. Users of the app were greeted with the pictured warning earlier this month. Local copies stored in the owner’s device or iTunes should remain operable, but customers will never again be allowed to download either game or DLC purchases from the App Store. EA has posted a FAQ regarding this change of availability and cites the reason for removal as “the expiration of the licensing agreement between EA and Harmonix”.

EA previously made a similar announcement back in May via an in-app message stating that the program would be “no longer playable on your device” (ie. killed via remote lockout) on May 31st. The outrage and questionable legality at the thought of this occurring caused EA to back off on the Rock Band iOS issue. Until now.

Rock Band ($5) and Rock Band Reloaded ($10) are, of course, still being sold by EA on Apple’s App Store as of this writing (July 30). Big surprise…

Welcome to the era of The Cloud. Ain’t it grand!

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