Google’s New Nexus 7 Tablet Dropped, Disassembled, and Destroyed| Weekend Watchlist

I love it when a new gadget becomes popular. Sure, there’s the usual stuff like empty promises to change your life forever, but there’s also new YouTube videos of said gadget meeting an untimely fate. In this Weekend Watchlist, we take a look at the Google’s latest little darling, the Asus produced, pint-sized powerhouse Nexus 7 tablet used in some very warranty voiding ways.

Let’s kick things off a with a little professionalism. PowerbookMedic tore apart the the hot new 7” tablet and found most of the device to be shockingly repairable. Especially compared to the glued together tragedy of the iPad.

TechTomorrow learns that they should use a table during unboxing videos with an impromptu drop test of the new device.


Still left wanting? Yeah, that last drop, while highly humorous, left far too much to the imagination. That’s okay, ElectronicsBreak delivers the goods with a Nexus vs iPad drop test… Into a bathtub!

With a name like GizmoSlip, you know these guys are pros at this sort of stuff. Sure enough, our next drop test doesn’t fare so well for the Nexus 7. And it is forced to pay the penalty for failure!

Volume Check! The next video is louder than the preceding one!

Okay, this isn’t actually a Nexus 7, but rather your stereotypical ‘cheap Chinese knock-off’. We certainly forgave our favorite professional microwave operator, dOvetastic, for a little SEO friendly deception after seeing the explosive results.

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