Productivity Crashes and Burns with Codemasters’ Free Browser Based F1 Racer

F1 OnlineDon’t feel like working today? Well, Codemasters, creators of the long running Dirt/Colin McRae and Grid/TOCA driving games, has just the ticket for burning those dull working hours away while you wait to punch the clock.

F1 Online: The Game smuggles itself onto the PC of your choice via an innocuous looking browser window courtesy of the Unity 3D plug in. Once inside you’ll be taking your customized F1 racer out on to the track against up to 24 other work desk warriors in either single, quick races or full championship tournaments. A time trail is also available for each of the game’s 15 tracks from 5 different countries.

F1 Online presents its racing action from a top-down, 3D perspective. The game handles elegantly for a bit of work time fun by using the mouse to control steering and left/right buttons (or W and S keys) for the throttle and brake. Spacebar lays on the boost, while the D key engages the car’s DRS wing. Races run 3 laps and offer a perfect coffee break’s worth of fun. In spite of the game’s simple sounding presentation, F1 Online is still a challenge to drive thanks to the some surprisingly well implemented physics and notoriously tricky tracks.

F1 Online CarOff the asphalt you’ll find a world of RPG style carrots to sped your race winnings on in the form of HQ upgrades, new car parts, and achievements. Real-world timers slow down your progress through the tech tree, but the on-track action is never limited or closed off.

Supporting full-screen resolutions, adjustable detail options, and a low entry price of free, F1 Online is an attractive, affordable, and accessible offering from one of the unsung masters of the racing game genre. You can check out F1 Online: The Game.

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