PSA: It’s Hot! Clean Your Computer!

It’s hot out there! As I write this, Google has the GUO homestead pegged at 93 degrees! You know where it’s even hotter? Inside your dusty ol’ computer. This is a great time to break out your favorite buster of dust and an ice cool can of compressed air and do a little cleaning.


Need some guidance? Lifehacker has a guide to cleaning your peripherals and desktops (spoiler alert! Unplug and stick a vacuum hose on open spots). Laptop owners not afraid of opening the case up can check out Instructable’s gude. Pro tip: Keep a coffee mug handy for all those little screws!

While you’re in the mood, Don’t forget about all your other overheating electronic buddies that could use a sprucing up. Televisions, A/V receivers and especially cable set-top boxes all generate heat and need their vents cleaned out.

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