Behind the Blog: August 1, 2012–The Return

Behind Blog button 2Hi! Remember me? Yeah, the guy who posts all that bizarre Hello Kitty merchandise. Yeah, yeah, good to see you too! Hmm? No, not lately. I had to take a few months off for some nervous breakdown and crisis-of-faith type stuff. Well, ya know… went about as well as you’d expect. And you? Aw, sorry I missed that. No, I didn’t even look at the social network sites. Heck, even stopped checking email for a while. It’s good to unplug once in a while.

Start back up again? Funny you should ask…

Yep, the site’s been running the whole time. Google handles the back end so long as I keep paying the bills. Sure, plenty of visitors. A little surprised myself. What goes on the web, stays on the web. Well, barring a DMCA take down notice Winking smile Hollywood won’t rest until they dominate and regulate every form of communication known to man. Nice to know where the money you paid to see The Avengers went to, huh?

Still a little rusty. It’s always hard to get back up to speed after dropping a hobby for a while. I think I’ve had “its” and “it’s” swapped since coming back. I used to keep ‘em straight by remembering that it was backwards from what I thought it would be. The problem was that after writing for a while I think I finally got it right. Applying my backwards logic backfired when I jumped back in after breaking the habit of being wrong. That’s fine, I think I confused myself as well. Which, ironically, was the point.

The difference? “It’s” is the contraction (ie. “It is”); “Its” is the possessive (ie. “It owns”).

Most Popular Posts for July 2012

Unreview: The Sims FreePlay (iPhone/iPad) These Are Not The Sims You’re Looking For

Review: Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (iPhone/iPad/Android) Slaying Dragons With Better Bookkeeping

Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Wasteland Empires on Facebook

No Backup Option in iTunes Fix

Better than Free-to-Play, Star Trek Online Pays You to Play with Player Run Dilithium Market

I know, right? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Majesty, but to see the smartphone version hanging out with The Sims, iTunes, and Star Trek… And it’s been there for like, ever! No, I checked. Totally legit. In fact, people entering via the Majesty review are 25% more likely to check out the rest of the site. Pfft! If I knew what I did and could do it again, I’d actually have a successful web site Winking smile

Out of This World Weekly

You just skip that stuff for the space and science articles, huh? You’d be surprised how often I hear that. Yeah, like, all of the in-laws, LOL. Naw, The Great One is fantastic. Even kept posting after I dropped off the face of the Web and was right back at ‘work’ this month without even being asked. Yep, real person. I agree, he really has earned that ‘Great One’ handle.

Oldest Spiral Galaxy Found - 10.7 billion years! And you thought you were old!

Now Thunderstorms Are Contributing To Ozone Loss? – Not actually part of our Sunday OoTWW column, but I figured I’d stuff it here as it comes courtesy of TGO.

Launching Fish Into Space – Even the Mrs’ had a wonderfully hilarious WTF moment when this one showed up on her news reader! You shoulda seen her: “Launching fish into space? What?” Heh, classic!


Good, Bad, I'm the Boy with the Blog – Fun Fact: I wrote that a while ago. Sometime in April, I think. Even posted it for about ten minutes before I decided to quit altogether. Now, I’m kinda sorry I posted it at all. I’m still a little… fragile and wanted to take things a lot slower and more casual. I just couldn’t let the gag about the Blogger Bots™ go to waste Smile Problem was as soon as I made this declaration the pressure of both the commitment and hunger to make the GUO brand bigger kicked in. I imagine it’s like being a starving artist. Or a banana republic dictator. Or a World of Warcraft addict. Good company…

Comic: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Steam Sale! – I know! I picked up a fistful of stuff for myself as well. Gifted out a whole ‘nother fistful. Shame Valve kinda half-arsed it this year. No events or scavenger hunts or crafting stuff. I made this comic after the credit card got shut down. Looks like someone pinched the number and was buying arcade tokens on the other side of the country. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either. Where’d they find an arcade?!

I missed the obvious gag of calling the Retina display a Rectal display. Ended up with a play on Fractal display instead. Shame. Would’ve had a theme going since I got the GPU/“Gee-Poo” joke. It can be surprisingly hard to think of incorrect tech terms when you’re so familiar with the proper ones. Maybe I should be proud about missing poop jokes Winking smile

PSA: It’s Hot! Clean Your Computer! – I thought about doing a weekly Tech Tip style feature, but soliciting feedback has never worked before and I figured I’d run out of things to post in a month or two. I’m kinda unofficially doing it now but without explicitly labeling the post as a weekly tech tip. Sneaky, huh? It makes me happy to see that iTunes fix charting. One of the big reasons I went from a private to public blog was to spread information on connecting through Egypt’s Internet crackdown during the protests a while back, so tech tips are kinda in our DNA.

Productivity Crashes and Burns with Codemasters’ Free Browser Based F1 Racer – Another weekly feature I wanted to start, but was afraid I wouldn’t have time/material to commit to, was the Friday Fun Time. This series would showcase an in-browser game or amusing time-waster for folks to kill off those last few hours of the work week without getting caught installing stuff on their work PC.

Comic-Con 2012 Video Roundup – You guessed it, another weekly feature! This one I put a label on after the second time I ran it. I like the idea of having a guaranteed bit of content each day. I still want to do all the odd, fluffy stories as well, though. Again, just a little too ambitious to plan so much stuff for a personal blog. Even one with delusions of being IGN Winking smile

Top 5 Annoyances of Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet and How to Fix Them – I spent a week thinking about this one and it turned out like crap. I ended up gutting a good portion of it and just linking out. I just couldn’t get the formatting to look right. It’s hard to go from “Push the headphones in really hard” to a bulleted list about installing Flash and alternate browsers and make it all look right. Again, a tech tip article. It tied for #6 in terms of page views this month.

When Good Tech Videos Go Bad – You’d be surprised how many times I spend hours working on something only to throw it out. Frustrated by the Nexus list and needing to get content posted, I was determined to salvage something, for better or worse.

Ryte2byte? No, not a real guy. Ryte2byte (previously right2byte before I realized I missed the obvious wordplay) is a handle I use fairly often when gaming and on YouTube. He was reinvented as the arrogant, yet incompetent, video producer for Ask Grandpop and reappeared in all his CG glory as the anchorman for the faux news show Special Report. I am actually very fond of the CG version of ryte2byte. He’s a character I love to hate. There’s a fantastic bit of unreleased video from Special Report where he explains to an Indian anchorwoman how she is “neither pretty enough nor white enough to believably report the news.” 

Google’s New Nexus 7 Tablet Dropped, Disassembled, and Destroyed – The Mrs, being the proud owner of a new Nexus 7, didn’t appreciate this feature Smile with tongue out

Comic: Upgrader's Remorse – I had been meaning to write this comic for a surprisingly long time. Obviously. It’s kinda late for an iPad 3 gag.


Amazon Launches Free-to-Play Game Hub with Free Goodies and Exclusive Offers – I’m so sick of ‘mainstream’ gaming media bagging on free-to-play and micro-transactions. It’s not like you could ever own a copy of an MMO to begin with! I also fail to see how a few bucks spent on things like inventory space upgrades could bother anyone versus the old model of spending $60 on a box of software AND paying a $15 per month subscription. Heck, most F2P MMOs still even have subscription plans if people want ‘em! Much like the rise of gaming on phones, this is an example of the mainstream writers not being able to see beyond the Big Three console developers. It is a disservice to their readers. I only can think of two or three sites with a staff that have a feel for where video games have been and where they’re going. Enthusiast press should be welcoming innovation, not mocking it. At least until proven otherwise. Right, Kinect? Winking smile

World’s First Hello Kitty Themed Spa Opens in Dubai – Believe it or not, this was one of the things that led me back to blogging. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not let this pass without postingOpen-mouthed smile It’s funny what people can obsess over.

Sony Online Staffing Up for MMORPG Everquest Next Following Hiring of Original Everquest Producer – A lot of the stuff I post is aimed at someone I know. This was one for a step-daughter. It also turned out to be a good little article as I started to connect the dots about Everquest Next.

Australian Text Message Scam Threatens to Kill You – Good title, good picture, good comment! Thanks! Always nice to know I’m not just screaming into the void.

Due to Rampant Piracy of $1 Android Game, Devs Give Up and Release Dead Trigger for Free – Hot off the presses, Ubisoft’s DRM also installed a root-kit that allows anyone to hijack your computer. Nice to know they put me and mine at risk to protect their freaking video game. Geez.

He’s in Spaaaaaaace! Portal 2’s Space Sphere Stows Away to ISS – For our #1 fan, Brandon Smile

Iranian Nuke Plant Rocks Out Thanks to AC/DC Malware

Wow, Even the Fail Whale Has Failed – You know things are bad when Twitter is “down for <%= reason %>”

Big Fish Launches Unlimited: A Cloud Based Streaming Service With Free Games – I got my invite for the service mere moments after posting this article. It’s good thing I didn’t get it before, else this might not have ever gotten written due to the issues I had.

Clouds Blow Away. EA to Remove Rock Band and DLC from App Store July 31 – This one very nearly sat on the to-do pile a day too long, LOL.

Deal! Buy Your Own Drivable Giant Robot That Shoots People in the Face When You Smile – THIS! This makes it all worthwhile! Sharing my own personal spin on things like the Kuratas-001 is the best reason ever to be a blogger.


So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Short on content, long on commentary. LOL, yeah. Very long. Well it’s been a while. How ‘bout you? Wow, on the roof?! That’s insane! No, I missed that. Ooo, that must’ve been beautiful! Hey, you shop at Amazon? We have this referral program for Growing Up Otaku that- Well, you could change your bookmark… Broken, eh? Um… okay. Well, how about joining the GUO staff? Just send me an email at We cover a wide range of topics and could really use someone with your-

Yeah, I guess it is getting late. It sure was great to get together and chat for a while again. No, won’t be as long until next time, LOL. How about the same time next month? Great, I’ll have the Mrs. pencil you in! So, on behalf of the whole cast and crew over here at Growing Up Otaku, we love ya!

Thanks for readi-

Huh? What did I forget? I got my hat and… Oh! Gosh, you’re right!

Ugh… I hate writing the monthly wrap up! Winking smile

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