Extremely Alternative Modes of Transportation | Weekend Watchlist

Morning commute gotten a little stale? Craving a new way to shortcut the morning traffic? Or maybe just blow it up altogether? Boy, did you come to the right post! In this Weekend Watchlist, we take a look at some extremely alternate modes of transportation to spice up that same ol’, same ol’.

First up, we look at the heartwarming story of Izhar Gafni. Much like this old tabletop wargaming veteran, Izhar loves to build stuff out of cardboard. After seeing a news story on a canoe built from that thickest of paper, Izhar embarked on a project engineers told him was impossible: To build a bicycle entirely out of cardboard.

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

Next we examine the curious case of a rather hungry Russian. Dmitri Potapoff, star of the explosive YouTube channel FPSRussia, had a craving for some White Castle. Just like anyone else, Dmitri grabbed his keys and headed out to the drive-thru in his tank. Wait… What?!

While we’re on the topic of road vehicles that just happen to be heavily armed, we would remiss not to take another look at the otaku fantasy-made-reality, that physical embodiment of pure awesomeness, the pinnacle of science and art, the Kuratas.

Funny story: I was wondering what type of jetpack to feature in this playlist when along came Gamespot’s What If Machine with a nice montage of a whole bunch of the suckers. Enjoy!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I am, as they say in France, too much of a pu-say to cruise around in a jetpack.” Alright, hundred miles-per-hour bugs in your teeth while rocketing a thousand feet in the air when the slightest twitch will kill you isn’t for everyone. Some folks want a nice chunk of metal between themselves and certain death. To those French inclined individuals, I say “Flying car!”

To outrageous? Flying cars have been available since the 1940s! Meet the Taylor Aerocar N-101D. Designed by Moulton Taylor in 1949, five Aerocars were produced.

Finally, we wrap up this salute to extreme methods of alternative travel back at the office. In a stunt you're sure to have seen, but certainly warrants repeated viewing, Google shows us how to spruce up inner office package delivery.

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