Get Crazy First-Person Puncher Game Zeno Clash Free from Onlive This Weekend

What do you get when you combine the craziest, most original, indie first-person action game with a beyond belief method of games delivery? Well, you get this post. And one heck of a chance at free stuff!

Onlive, the cloud gaming system we’ve discussed many times before, is running a special promotion this month that offers up a bundle of free indie games just waiting for you to claim them. Today begins the first of three Indie Free Game Weekends. This weekend, the title up for grabs is the bizarre first-person punch fest from Chilean developer ACE Team, Zeno Clash.

zeno clashIf you haven’t heard of Zeno Clash before… well, you’re missing out. The game puts you in the role of Ghat, a fairly normal looking man in a surreal world of masked men (?) where you must escape the pursuit of your brothers and sisters after your attempted murder of Father-Mother while experiencing the events that led you here through flashbacks. So… yeah, just another Call of Duty clone Winking smile It’s safe to say you’ve never played a game like this before.

Head on over to Onlive’s Facebook page to get your free game code (Spoiler alert: NDFREEUS - for US, NDFREEUK – For UK, NDFREEBE – For Belgium) and click the Like button while you’re there. Because we all Like free stuff. To redeem the code, just select Zeno Clash from the Marketplace, click “Get Game”, and apply your promo code. Also remember to keep watching Onlive’s Facebook for the next couple weeks as the free games keep coming.

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