Japanese PS3 Trailer Shows Off 4 Upcoming HD Game Remasters

Everything old is costing you again! Happy days! It’s a shame the PS3 never had the ability to play PS2 titles upscanned to HD. It did? Sony took it out, eh? Huh.

Yessir! All the old, blotchy textures and janky controls you remember now in sparkling HD! Think I’ll go plug in the PS2 and buy 30 new iOS games (not Rock Band) instead.


  1. You said it, not worth it for the old PS2. Oh well that's Sony's Problem

  2. I said back when the ps2 came out that one of the smartest moves they made was to keep it backward compatible with the ps1. Pre-installed customer base, people will stay loyal to the console because they can still have fun with the old stuff while buying the new.

    Dumbest thing they ever did was let it be backward compatible, then take it out. All that will do is piss off the customers, and now they have no reason to stay loyal, since they're obviously going to get screwed over...