Loving the Hatred: Hello Kitty Knife Holder

She’s everywhere. She's on your phone. She’s in your food. She’s even ready to follow you into the great beyond. She’s Hello Kitty, and one studio has created a tie-in product that gives many of you exactly what you want.

hello kitty knife setThis is the “Goodbye Kitty Knife Set with Holder”. From Raffaele Iannello Creative Studio:

“To try to make everybody happy (those who loves her and those who hates her) Raffaele Iannello reinterpreted the well-known figure with his own ironic and desecrating style, transposing the concept of his famous Voodoo/TheEx knife set. This is how this prototype (right now a one-off piece not for sale) came about, which portrays the famous cat in the exact instant in which her lifeless body falls backwards, after being stabbed with five kitchen knives.”

Originally created as a singular piece, Goodbye Kitty was such a big hit at the 2012 Milan Design Week that the studio is in talks with Sanrio to acquire the rights for a retail production. Yeah, I’m sure that will go well.


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