Otaku Log: Supplemental–The Everquest 2 SOEmote Story

Hey, it wouldn’t be GUO if I wasn’t exploring some new form of bloggery!

In spite of being a humble little outpost on the edge of the Internet, I try to keep some semblance of ‘professionalism’ in our feature and news stories. Sadly, this means I occasionally means I have a whole lot of passion to express and tangents to explore. Otaku Log: Supplemental is my answer to this conundrum. Powered by the audioBoo social networking site, please enjoy three minutes of my ranting too… eclectic for the written article.


This is a companion piece to this written article.

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  1. Sorry about the oversized widget on the mobile view. I'll put it on my list of things to work on. Might be because of the long title.