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Polar Bear Cafe is a fresh  take on humorous animal stories for an anime series.  The episodes are set around the titular cafe near a zoo owned and run by a Canadian polar bear, a very congenial and charismatic animal , whose cafe reflects his personality.

The first episode starts with Panda, a young (You guessed it!) panda bear, who wants to be a couch potato.  Much to Panda's chagrin, his mother has other ideas for him. Panda heads out to escape her nagging.  He stops in at the Polar Bear Cafe and learns that the establishment is hiring.  Panda applies for the job and, during the interview process, we meet some of the wacky animal characters in this wild world applying for the same job. 

This series brings cute and funny to a whole new level. Polar Bear Cafe cleverly draws you into the series with some very endearing and irresistable animals, and even a few humans, that bring an upbeat perspective to life. It does this without being sappy, corny, or, perhaps most surprisingly, mean spirited.  The stories appeal to all ages with a dry wit and a kind heart.  

I love watching this as my morning cartoon with breakfast - it starts the day off with a fresh and happy start.
Right now there are 17 episodes out on Crunchyroll for the series and Polar Bear Cafe has been renewed for another season.  I hope to see this delightfully entertaining series continue for a long time!

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