StoryBundle Lets You Name Your Own Price for 5 Sci-Fi eBooks

Man, do I love a good indie bundle! This one is a little different. The Big Bang Bundle is aimed squarely at the readers. You know the indie bundle drill: Name your own price for a big pile of swag and a portion of your purchase goes to charity in addition to supporting great new unsigned talent.

storybundle big bang bundleThe Big Bang Bundle is offering up five titles in their collection: Undersea, Journey to Hart’s Halo, John Gone, Bypass Gemini, and The Heretic. Pay more than $7 and you’ll score two additional titles: Unstable Prototypes and Missing Signals, the sequels to two of  the books in the bundle. The choices don’t stop there! 10% of your purchase price  is donated to your choice of either Mighty Writers or Trees for the Future.

All titles are DRM free and available for downloading to your PC or can be delivered directly to your Kindle or Kindle-enabled tablet/smartphone.

Head on over to to read samples from all of the titles and get you some goodies.

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