Suicidal Puzzler Lemmings Returns in HTML5 Form Fit for Any Browser. Even Mobile!

Lemmings-BoxScanI must confess to having had a bit of an addiction to the classic PC (well, Amiga) puzzler Lemmings when it was originally released in back in 1991. At least I was in good company. Lemmings sold 20 million copies across 21 different systems, unheard of numbers for the era. It would be the first breakthrough hit for a little studio known as DMA Design. A decade later DMA Design would become better known as Rockstar Games, the studio behind a little franchise known as Grand Theft Auto.

For the uninitiated, Lemmings is a very different sort of puzzle game, even by modern standards. Your tribe of little pink people enter the level via a trap door and begin mindlessly walking forward. Your task it to open the way to the exit by assigning a finite number of jobs: Diggers dig, Blockers block, and gifting a lucky Lemming with an umbrella allows them to fall great heights without fearing the harsh mistress of gravity.

The difficulty curve remains perfect. The the first ten levels of the ‘Fun’ set show you how each job works one at a time. Ironically, it is in the ‘Tricky’ ten level set where the real fun begins. All 40 levels of the original are present in this wonderfully executed Javascript version of Lemmings.

Best of all, this web based edition of the classic will work on any modern browser, even smartphones and tablets. You can now take the mindless little people with you anywhere without ever installing so much as a plug-in. The touchscreen controls work fine, but some may want to reach for a capacitive stylus for greater precision.

DHTML Lemmings is free for all to experience on pretty much any device with an HTML5 compatible browser.

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