Work on Friday? Pfft! I’m a Super Spring Break Speedboat Hero (in my browser)!

super spring break speedboat hero sharkWoo! Friday! Just a few more hours before you’re freed from the workplace and become a weekend warrior! It’s the dog days of summer and you can’t wait to take to the waves. Better get some practice in. Besides, no one’s going to miss those expense reports over the weekend, right?

Enter Super Spring Break Speedboat Hero SD! This Unity3D browser based title is just the ticket for fun in the sun while your chained to a desk. Burn rubber on water as you zip through giant sharks, dodge dinosaurs, and blast through sunbathers in what London based PLA Studios must imagine Australian beaches are like. Spot on, lads! Spot on!

Much more than just racing game, Super Spring Break Speedboat Hero SD also features a full track editor, ghost recordings of your fastest lap, and social network integration allowing you to challenge friends or coworkers via Twitter and Facebook. You can even take a crack at ol’ ryte2byte’s time by following this link.

You can freely enjoy Super Spring Break Speedboat Hero SD on the web. Just watch your volume controls lest the rockin’ soundtrack blow your cover (mute button is in the top right corner)!

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  1. Wait! Its spring break already? Yay! Half the school year is done and now its time to relax with a motorboat!