Nintendo Reveals Hot, Nude Wii-U Photos

Wii-U TransparentHere’s a bit of a shocker: Nintendo has shown off some component pics from their upcoming Wii-U video game console! This is quite a change for Nintendo. The playing card company turned gaming giant is usually tight-lipped about technical specifications regarding any of their machines. It is just the latest sign of change in the attitude of the Big N as they move to recapture the ‘core’ game audience lost during the last Console War.

Wii-U CPULooking inside the Wii-U shows no trace of magic mushrooms or vacuum tubes full of pony flatulence that were previously believed to power Nintendo consoles. While Nintendo was eager to show pictures and explain things such as heat sinks, we still don’t have much to go on in terms of actual tech specs. We do know that the Wii-U sports a “Multi-core CPU chip and the GPU chip…built into a single component” and that it was a joint venture between IBM (probably CPU), AMD (probably GPU), and Renesas (board manufacture). Internet scuttlebutt has it that the graphics core is most likely AMD’s Radeon 5670, based on the die size and the Wii-U’s estimated power draw of 40-60W.

Wii-U mainboardFor a more information about what went into the design, both inside and out, of the Wii-U, check out Nintendo’s own “Iwata Asks” interview with the engineers. The article even features a number of annotations to help out those who may not have all their -PUs in a row. For more guesswork into the potential technical capabilities of Big N’s upcoming console, try ExtremeTech’s discussion.


  1. If they were filled with pony flatulence, they wouldn't be vacuum tubes..

  2. LOL, okay, that's it! I'm banning science articles from the blog ;)

  3. also, trolls get the airlock! There's yer vacuum!

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