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The holiday season is chock full of excuses for getting all kinds of artsy-crafty.what with all the trees to trim and gifts to give. With so much to do and so much ground to cover even the most creative DIYer may find themselves in need of a little inspiration. Warm up the hot glue gun and roll out the duct tape because in this edition of the Weekend Watchlist Growing Up Otaku salutes these masterful makers with some ideas to keep you crafting around the Christmas tree.

Frist thing’s first. Let’s get that tree decorated! Otaku style! Who needs boring ol’ balls when you can just grab yourself a batch of capsule toys or figures and get hanging. From Pokémon to Princesses, Avatar or Angry Birds, you can get figure sets for nearly any franchise you favor. Can’t find figures? Hit up your favorite search engine for some papercraft ones! Tie on some ribbons or hot glue hooks and you’ll have a pretty pine as unique as you.


Sssss… BOOM! Minecraft Creeper ornament! Not feeling quite that crafty? Check out Minecraft Papercraft.

Looking for something a little more traditional? How about redressing those boring ol’ balls as cupcakes?

Alight, that takes care of the decorations, how about a topper? Mel TV shows us how to make any kind of tree topper you could imagine thanks to the miracle of zip-ties.

Man, I sure could go for a snack. Let’s hit the kitchen with Kelly Morris and her walkthru on how to make Christmas candy the easy way.

Well, that was yum but I’m still a little peckish. You know what I could go for? Reindeer poop!

Mmm, that was good. Alight, let’s get down to the gifting. Seeing as how we’ve already sunk down into the gutter, let’s wallow around for a while. Arlene has a great idea for sharing poop with friends! She put her soap making skills to work, paired it with a poem, and created a gift idea sure to keep the kids giggling for days.

The fragrance referenced is here. Nature’s Garden even has a soap making starter kit to get you going.

It’s time to get all festival of lights up in here! Here’s a great, easy way for making fancy frosted candle jars.

Finally, we close out this Weekend Watchlist with a little DIY love for the hottest gadgets going: Tablets. Using a t-shirt, bubble mailer, and  the handyman’s secret weapon The Fashion Camp shows us how to whip up perfectly protective pouch for our portable PCs.

And if you still think duct tape only comes in gray and silver, think again.

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