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It is very important to science that physical constants stay constant.  If the speed of light was constantly changing and we didn’t know about it, it would send our world and our scientific calculations into chaos.  There are other constants that are just as necessary.  We keep measuring them to make sure that they are not changing but let’s fact it – a couple hundred years may not be enough time to notice a change in the 13.7 billion year old universe.  So some Dutch scientists at the University of Amsterdam looked through the Effelsberg 100m Radio Telescope at a distant galaxy that is 7 billion light years away looking for proof that the fundamental constants of the universe were not changing.  They compared the specific light features associated with a simple alcohol called methanol to those associated with methanol here on Earth.  Their measurements confirmed that the methanol 7 billion light years away was nearly identical to the methanol here on Earth. 

The observations showed that the ratios of the Proton to the Electron masses was nearly identical with a mere possibility of no more than a change of 0.0000001 over the past 7 billion years.  With this information, we can be sure that at least some of the constants of the universe are not changing.  If we were seeing variations in constants, we would have to change our entire understanding of science, especially in the departments of physics, chemistry, and astronomy.  It is important to note that if these fundamental constants were changing, it would be very bad for life here on Earth.  It would mean that atoms might not hold together the same way or perhaps forces like gravity or electromagnetism might grow stronger or weaker.  I suppose that it is good to know that holiday weight gain isn’t attributable to unstable variations in gravitational constants. 

This type of experiment is useful to us because we need to know that we are living in a universe where the rules are not constantly changing.  If they were, we would want to know precisely how much they were changing so we could try to adapt but they aren’t, so we don’t have to and this keeps us from having to do a whole lot of unnecessary nasty complicated math.  We can be sure that constants will always be exactly the same from the first instant after the big bang to the end of the universe.  It has been noted that in other parallel universes, the constants may be different in an infinite amount of ways but luckily nobody has ever visited these places, so we don’t have to worry about that yet.  For now, it is good to know that this experiment is proving that our scientific theories about the universe are correct.  Every experiment proving current theories correct allows us to increase the confidence in our knowledge.

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