Installation Disk? Windows Key? Nokia Windows Phone Error Confounds All

Johnny Ruokokoski was playing around with re-flashing the firmware on his Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone when he came across a most unexpected error message.

windows phone recovery error

Yup, Johnny had managed to bugger up the NT kernel on his phone. Any tinkerer of Windows machines in familiar with this unfortunate happenstance. The kicker was the stock error message still buried in the phone OS from its days running on PCs. Appreciating the irony Johnny Tweeted this picture of the error. When another Twitter user forwarded the image to Windows Phone Support they promptly responded but declined to help as modifying your phone’s firmware immediately puts you in the 'Warrantee Voided’ category. Johnny responded with “and I didn't expect any support. but thanks for fast feedback, it shows how good WP support is, I like it :)”

Source: The Next Web

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  1. Brandon: That is just funny. How werid is that.