Twitter Controlled Cockroach is So Very Wrong

Think Java’s got bugs? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


Meet Twitter Roach, an evolution of the RoboRoach concept that adds an Arduino processor and WiFi antenna to allow you favorite creepy-crawly to take orders from random folks via Twitter messages. Strapping a tiny, techy backpack onto the roach, the system allows one order from the @TweetRoach account every thirty seconds to boss the bug around using hashtag commands such as "#TweetRoachLeft" and #TweetRoachRight". Upon receiving the order, the system “stimulates” the insect’s antennae to trick it into moving.

This bizarre project was created by Brittany Ransom and displayed at the Life, In Some Form art exhibition hosted by The Chicago Artists Coalition. Ransom justifies the project to CNet as science stating "At what point does its intelligence and ability take over? How much does it take before we are all desensitized to overstimulation? As we, as human beings, grow more cyborgian and interconnected through social media, this project helps us participate in discovering the answer."

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