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buck camIn the 21st century we have teeny, tiny video cameras. We have easy to use, go anywhere, wireless networking. We have dirt cheap mass storage. This gives us a unique opportunity to see our world in a whole different way. In this edition of the Weekend Watchlist, we check out a few of the unique points of view modern technology has allowed us to share. Forget everything you know about your perception of the world around us. This weekend, we’re mounting cameras on critters!

Curious about that image at the beginning of this article? Good! Curiosity cured the cat. It’s also the first video we’re taking a look at today. That, my friends, is actually a still captured from a camera mounted on a buck while drinking from a forest stream, courtesy of The Deer Channel. And just wait until you see the whole vid!

For a different different view on the great outdoors, we turn to man’s best friend as he goes on a little hike.

Being man’s best friend, it seems like dogs should get a double feature. Here’s a glimpse into every pup’s favorite game.

Now I know what you feline fans are thinking. And you know why we don’t have much footage from kitty’s perspective? Because cats don’t do much more than complain.

.Time to get high! Next we join the BBC as they grab some great footage from cameras mounted on a Golden Eagle as it soars over Scotland.

Let’s get back down to Earth with one of the most ferocious mammals on the planet, the Grizzly Bear. A miniature camera built into a collar was used by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to better understand the ursine world.

Frist a brief content warning. Bears do eat meat, but they don’t exactly grab a burger from the drive-thru. As such, the following video contains point-of-view scenes of a grizzly bear eating wildlife. The actual animal kill is not shown.

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For a longer take on this amazing footage, I encourage you to check out the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s 13 minute feature, A Bear’s Eye View: A Day in the Life of a Bear. Sadly, I am not allowed to embed that video here.

Finally, we travel under the sea with Biotactic as they strap a camera onto a carp in order to “assess potential problems that various fish species may encounter during fish passage” through the Mannheim Weir Denil fishway on the the Grand River in Ontario.

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