DMC: Devil May Cry Frees Gamers From Ambiguous Checkpoints

Ninja Theory's reboot of the classic spectacle fighter franchise has a lot going for it. High flying action, imaginative level design, and a color-coded affinity system that permeates both the fighting and platforming sequences of the game make DMC a must play for fans of the genre. But there is one brilliant, show-stopping feature that stands to revolutionize game design as we know it.

DMC-DevilMayCry 2013-02-09 13-08-25-12

Can you see it?

For more than a decade gamer-kind has gazed up the ominous prompt “Are you sure you want to quit? Any progress since your last checkpoint will be lost!” with fear and trepidation. No more! Behold DMC: Devil May Cry’s shining achievement in UI design:

DMC's Greatest Feature

For far too long we have suffered under the yoke of ambiguous autosaves. No more! The line must be drawn here. This far, no farther! Take notice, game designers: We The People are now aware that you have access to a miraculous timekeeping device known as a clock. Use it!

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