Domino’s Japan Puts Extra Hatsune Miku on Your Pizza

What do you like on your pizza? Extra cheese and peperoni? Well, duh. What about computer generated Japanese pop stars? Hey, you never know ‘till you try!

Domino’s Pizza in Japan has teamed up with Crypton Future Media to deliver more than just the best kind of pie to your door. They’ve created their very own augmented reality app for iOS devices that allows you to not only order pizza and track its creation in real-time, but take pictures with the #1 virtual idol herself, Hatsune Miku. Need more amazing, CG, blue haired fun? You’re in luck! Point your app equipped iDevice at the pizza box top and enjoy a special “Pizza Stage Live” performance right on top of your dinner.

Not in a Japanese delivery area for Domino’s? No worries, you friends over here at GUO have got  your backs. Download the app from iTunes Japan here. To unlock a special pose for the camera and to enjoy your very own Miku concert use the image below (Thank you, Domino’s web site!). For best results, you may want to print it out or use a screen that can lie flat, like a tablet.

miku dominos box


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