Florida Cracks Down on Surveillance Drones

071127-F-2185F-005.jpgWhile the United States federal government has no qualms about flying Reaper drones over Texas to tighten up security on the Mexican border, Florida lawmakers have other ideas.

Legislators in The Sunshine State have passed the “Freedom From Unwanted Surveillance Act” and Governor Rick Scott has already agreed to sign the bill. Under this bill law enforcement would only be allowed to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles in certain circumstances such as managing hostage situations, fugitive manhunts, terrorist threats, or tracking hurricanes and wildfires. Before UAVs are allowed to be deployed for use in any criminal case, authorities will require a warrant to be issued by a judge.

The “Freedom From Unwanted Surveillance Act” makes Florida the third state, following Virginia and Ohio, to all but ban the use of airborne drones. Three law enforcement agencies have been licensed by the FAA to use UAVs, but all have yet to deploy any.

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