Google Glass? Build Your Own iOS Glass for About $300

iglassLike it or love it, wearable computing is now trending on a futurist hipster near you. Trust the guy whose been wearing an armful of iOS gizmos for the past few years. Obviously the device generating the most buzz these days is the wearable webcam/Android HUD Google Glass. While the Big G has been trickling out $1500 prototype versions of the device, DIY hobbyists have taken matters into their own hands. And those hands are full of dremels and soldering irons!

Give it up for Instructables’ user XenonJohn who took a Myvu Crystal Media Viewer and combined it with a gaming headset and a whole lotta the ol’ measure-twice, cut-once to create a wearable heads-up display for his iPod Touch for about $300. While John’s “Beady-I” device may appear to obstruct the user’s vision in one eye, he claims to still have perfect stereo vision when looking ahead . The iOS display is visible only when he glances down.

Check out the full story with step-by-step build instructions over at Instructables.

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