Western Digital Makes Mechanical Hard Drives Thinner Than Ever Before

Solid-state hard drives (SSDs) have dominated the the race to create the thinnest computers possible. Long time hard drive manufacturer Western Digital has fired back and proved that old school mechanical drives still have a place in the future of skinny laptops. Merging the usual SATA power and data connectors into one new plug, WD has created a 500GB, 2.5” hard drive that is a mere 5mm thick. The best part? These new “Ultra-Slim” hard drives drives have begun shipping to OEM system builders for a mere $89. In comparison, Samsung's 500GB SSD costs about $350 at the time of this writing. Looking beyond Ultrabooks, it’s not hard to imaging these credit card-sized drives being offered in tablets. Imagine the coup for the first company to market with a 500GB Android tablet for the price of a 32GB model!

Source: Western Digital


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