Behind the Blog: June 1, 2013–Down, Not Out

Hey there, Ho there, Otakuteers! ‘Tis I, your ever humble host. It’s been a little quiet around the GUO offices of late. Time to bust out the party poppers and wake this here lil’ corner of the Innertubes up! You’ll have to forgive me for the recent lack of updates. I twisted up my right arm pretty badly and had a rash of small painful blisters on my hands the past week or so. Ah, the joys of yard work… Typing even now is a bit of a bother (i.e. painful and annoying) , but I figured I should try to get something posted. There’s also been a massive update to Star Trek Online, so… ya know, you guys can shove off when that happens Open-mouthed smile. I seem to be light on staff, but was afraid to ask what was going on with that. I’ll get the personnel department to check into it Winking smile

Anyway, even though we might have seemed short by article counts, we sure didn’t skimp on the word count! Three reviews, a live stream, a shopping guide, and console launch packed full of prose all made their way to the front page last month. As is customary, I’ve got a few things to say about a few things I said.

The first thing to mention in site news is the fact that anonymous commenting has been disabled. I’ve been threatening this for a while, but there was always some unnamed person kind enough to leave a kudos on an article to give me a little pick-me-up. That hasn’t happened for a while and the daily spam count had grown to a staggering 60 posts a day. Not only was this a hassle to moderate, but made my email management a nightmare. I’m hoping that after the spambots bounce off it enough I may be able to fly under the radar again and open the comments back up, but we’ll see. With a change like this there is always a chance that your view of the comments may have broken. If so, deleting any cookies associated with should fix the problem.

Just a quick thanks to everyone who used our link to for their shopping. We’re back on track to keep the blog paying for itself for the time being. I really appreciate it!

I usually don’t cover celebrities, movies, or death, but I really wanted to post the Ray Harryhausen article. He was like the Jim Henson of movie monsters. Growing up with Saturday afternoon Creature Features and loving the fantasy adventures of the 80s made a lot of us very familiar with Ray’s work. There was such personality in his creations that is seldom seen.

Another feature that was special to me was the review for Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol. I really love writing reviews and take an inordinate amount of time crafting them. I’m not going to make some BS comparison to being a ‘real’ artist, but I do take (way too much) time to fuss over both what I want to say and how I say it. I always make my own screenshots. One thing that bugs me about The Media is how they write a critical evaluation of a product and then just slap on visuals provided by the vendor. What’s the point?! Is not the picture worth a thousand words? I’m not going to evaluate something and then use some retouched screen capture with a marketing slogan splattered across it. I mean, check out TouchArcade’s review. The second and third screens are not in the game. The first has been cropped and edited. It’s not hard to get screen captures. It is kinda hard to get GOOD looking screen captures (artistically speaking), but an honest picture is worth more than a half-dozen fakes.


Anyhow, doing that review was a real thrill. It’s one of those childish little dreams I get to fulfill here on GUO. A critical review of a new title from a legendary (and a personal favorite) game designer posted on the Internet with my name on the byline. Squee!

I almost missed this game being released. I had been doing research on the Haunted Hollow review and there was no mention of Ace Combat on Firaxis’ page just the day before. I got very sick that weekend and only heard about its release from a podcast. I ended up playing Ace Patrol all weekend while sick in bed. Sunday night saw me burning the midnight oil writing the review. I bumped the Haunted Hollow review to get it up ASAP. I was giggling the next two days about how I got to review a new IP from Sid Meier.

Did you catch any of the Battle of Nations? I watched a surprising amount of it. It was that ‘I’m sick’ weekend. Man, you don’t want to come at Russians with a sword and shield! The Russian team took first, second, AND third in the 1v1 and 4v4 competitions. They also took first in the 32v32 contest. Probably because you only get one team in that. I updated that post several times with the latest live feeds throughout the weekend.

To no one’s surprise, there’s gonna be another Xbox. Xbox One. Can we all just agree now to call it the XbOne? Yes, I think that’s funny. Come on! That new DRM is going to XbOne everyone who has an XbOner for the system. Prosecution rests. Also, Call of Duty has a dog now. Progress!

Speaking of Canine of Duty™: Modern Woofare™, there’s a fun fact about the latest GUO comic. In the first couple of fames you can see the Xbox One sitting in the cubicle. The part of Xbox One is played by a shrunken kitchen cabinet. Looks just like it, eh? Man, that thing has no style.

Seriously, I was really surprised at the narrow demographic they targeted with that presentation. I mean, TV, American football, Halo on TV, and Call of Duty. There’s only one type of person Microsoft went after: American male college students. I guess Dr. Sport-CoD-man was happy, but… zzz.

Well, that about does it for me. I gotta put some ointment on these sore paws o’ mine. I also wanted to get a blurb up about a MMO opening up that we’re all kinda excited for (Edit: I guess I already did in your timeline). I’m expecting the Mrs. home in a bit. We’ve got to hit the hospital for another batch of testing on the ol’ gal. (Edit: No, we’re not. Well, I was, but it turns out I’m stupid and got the date wrong XD)

As always, we send our love out to all of you.

Thanks for reading!

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