3D Printed Tardis Prime Transformer is More Awesome on the Inside

I think it’s fair to say that Andrew Lindsey is possessed of a level of awesome most mere nerds can only aspire to. Inspired from a tee-shirt design on DeviantArt, Linsey’s latest project sees him firing up the Delta-style 3D printer he built himself to create a toy robot in disguise. But not just any Transformer! This time and space jumping robot is none other than the mighty Tardis Prime, complete with bow tie!









Proving that Tardis Prime is a ‘bot of the people, this design can be downloaded for free from Thingiverse. Blog posts detailing the creation along with many more pictures of this sci-fi wonder can be found on Andrew’s blog.

Now Robots are Taking Jobs Away from Dogs Too

The future is fast approaching where everyone’s job will be taken by some form of machine leaving us all to unemployed and unable to afford robots to do our work for us. But it is not just mankind who stands on the edge of obsolescence. Check out this footage from New Zealand where man’s best friend has been usurped by man’s second best friend; The remote control car.

You Can No Longer Use iTunes to Build Nuclear and Biological Weapons. Really.

mzl.qrpcvugb.320x480-75Apple has once again updated the end user license agreement (EULA) for iTunes. According to section (g) of the new rules, you can no longer apply your vast collection of music and movies toward the goal of creating nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Wait… What?!

“You also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear, missiles, or chemical or biological weapons.”

Check it out for yourself at Apple.com

I guess it’s time to cancel my subscription to War Crimes Weekly Podcast…

PSA: Add Money to Your Steam Wallet, Get Banned From the Community Market

steam_banSmiles over the latest Steam Summer Sale were turned upside-down at the GUO offices this weekend as half the staff found themselves barred from buying or selling items on the Community Marketplace for a full seven days. The culprit? Adding money to Valve’s “Steam Wallet.”

Surprisingly, adding funds to your Steam Wallet using a credit card number that has not previously been used to do so blocks your ability to buy and sell items in the Community Marketplace. The Marketplace, which requires funds to be deposited in Steam Wallet, is used by members to barter virtual goods, such as Valve’s recently introduced trading cards. While the transactions used to deposit money in Wallet had been verified as approved by relevant financial institutions and said cash was immediately available for use on the Steam store itself, the actual Market itself remains off limits for a full week. A representative from Valve told GUO that this ban on user transactions is “to protect user accounts and the Steam Economy.”

How a check-style hold achieves this is, of course, is anyone’s guess.

steam market ban

So, to buy stuff on Steam’s Community Marketplace, you must first deposit funds into your Steam Wallet. After depositing funds into Steam Wallet for the first time with any given credit card, your account is banned from buying stuff on Steam’s Community Marketplace for seven days. You can spend that money anywhere else on Steam, just… not on stuff that requires the use of Steam Wallet. Why? To protect the Steam Economy.

And you wonder why these people haven’t been able to put together a new Half Life game in the past six years…

When GUO inquired as to why one of our affected accounts, an account in good standing for more than eight years with a verified transfer of funds, had been banned and if this situation could be rectified, we received the following reply:

“Our trading system is designed to protect user accounts and the Steam Economy. Recent changes to your account information have restricted certain features of the Steam Community for a limited time. As a result, some items (ed. ALL items, in our experience) may temporarily (ed. SEVEN DAYS in all affected accounts) not be tradable or sold on the Community Market. Once this restriction expires, you will be able to trade items and use the Community Market once again. Steam Support cannot remove this restriction from your account. These security features cannot be bypassed.”

Geez, you’d think we had mailed them a check. This is completely unacceptable in the age of instant online transactions. More so when a sale coincides with an event that heavily utilizes the Market feature.

Beware, trading card collectors and TF2 hat junkies! Give Valve your money and face a week long, irreversible ban.

Steam Summer Sale Started

steam saleThe Steam Summer Sale is once again upon us. While this year’s prices are more inline with what Steam sales have looked like recently rather than the epic must-see deals that made Steam the biggest PC, Mac, and Linux game store on the web, there are still some bargains to be found. And some of the lightning deals are still amazing!

Update: I take it back. This Summer Sale has been great!

Topping our list of recommendations is, of course, Scribblenauts Unlimited which can be had for a mere $5 (watch us play). FTL, still one of the greatest space games of all time at any price, it’s on sale for $2.50 (read our story-review and strategy guide). Finally, while many Indie titles are on-sale for three or four bucks, the real treasure for bargain hunters is McPixel for a lean $0.99.

What’s McPixel? It’s a game I recommended that costs a buck! What more do you need to know?

shot9Sheesh, alright… McPixel takes old-school point-n-click adventure gaming and throws it at you in rounds of six 20-second, rapid-fire microgames. Something is going to explode and you only have a click or two to save the day. While focused more on trail and error than logic, McPixel is crammed full of toilet humor and frequently makes less sense than a rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle means finding all the ways to fail in McPixel is more fun than completing the challenges.

Dungeons-of-Dredmor-2011-07-26-11-12-07-60_thumbUpdate: I also need to add Dungeons of Dredmor to my little recommendations list. It seems odd I haven’t mentioned it more around here considering it has become my favorite Rogue-alike in the past couple years. DoD takes the traditional turn-based dungeon plunge formula and adds a bit of MMO-styled interface niceties, crafting, unique skills (Vegan, Battle Geology), and 4th wall breaking comedy sprinkled with pop culture references. The game is a steal at its regular $5 price, but at $1.24, it’s a must have. The full bundle with DLC (one of which is free anyway) will set you back a whole $2.49. And for those scared of traditional Rogue-alike permadeath, there’s an option to turn it off. You wussy. Add in Steam Workshop support for 1-click mods, and you’ve got a game that will give back for years. Probably in lutefisk, but, hey, whatever.

The real disappointment of the formerly amazing Steam sale is, once again, the lack of any gaming activities. Once a showcase of special game modes and scavenger hunts, this latest Steam sale sees Valve stinking to a new low with their Trading Card system that encourages users to buy and sell achievements (yes, with real money and, yes, Steam takes a cut of all user transactions) for functional client upgrades like an expanded friends list or more widgets on their profile page. Way to go at making Microsoft look classy!

Still, with dang near everything on sale for prices at least on par with their daily specials and community selected lightning deals every 8 hours, there’s sure to be something you can save a few bucks on. Check it out at store.steampowered.com

Apple’s 5th Anniversary of the App Store Means Free iOS Apps and Games for You

5 Years of the App StoreIn case you hadn’t heard yet, Apple is giving away software for a couple more days. Click on over to this link and pick up five apps and five games in celebration of five years of destroying all concepts of what software should cost.

Inside you’ll find great stuff like How to Cook Everything, Day One Journal, and Barefoot World Atlas. If you’re feeling twitchy, there’s a selection of highly praised games like Infinity Blade II, Tiny Wings, and Sword & Sworcery. Some of these apps go for big money (in app store terms), so even if you don’t have the space to download them all now, it’s a good idea to let the download fail so they get tagged as purchased on your iTunes account and you can try them out when you get around to deleting some stuff or get a bigger iOS devices.

Online Gaming Now Illegal in Florida

illegal-pokerSince you wouldn’t believe me if I told ya, here’s Yahoo News (by way of HuffPo) with the scoop:

“Got a laptop or an iPhone in Florida? You could be violating the law.

In an attempt to ban Internet cafes in the Sunshine State, legislators may have been a bit too broad in their language, resulting in what some legal experts say is a law that inadvertently makes it illegal to own a computer or a smartphone.

The bill, which was signed into law by Florida governor Rick Scott in April, was meant to shut down cafes, some of which have been tied to illegal gambling in the state. And shut them down it did: over 1,000 cafes were immediately closed.

But it's the wording that's problematic, as it defines a slot machine as "any machine or device or system or network of devices" that can be used in games of chance. Turns out the Internet is full of gambling sites, which is where the definition runs into some problems.”

Get Your Cola REALLY Cold With Bottles Made of Ice

Coca-Cola is testing a new method of bottling its bubbly beverage in Colombia with bottles made out of ice. A silicone band keeps these frozen drink containers cooling your soda while saving your fingers from frostbite.

While these new ice bottles are being spun as being eco-friendly, critics (ie. crybabies who don’t know how to have fun) point out that the electricity costs needed to ensure the bottle remain solid until sold outweighs any ecological savings gained.

Any Port in a Storm

Scenes from the Mrs’ garden:

frog in watering can

A week of rain and this frog decides to park his butt inside a watering can. Meet the amphibian otaku!

Behind the Blog: July 1, 2013-No, Really, I’m Listening

So, quiet back end of the month. It’s hard to put forth the effort to write up stuff when what you’re interested in has become mainstream and is being broadcast around the clock by thousands of others. Seriously, what more could I add about Microsoft’s Xbone of a show at E3 or NSA’s Prism program? Thus, I decided to take it easy for a while. It’s nice to take some time off. Also good for recharging the creative batteries. I hope Winking smile

It’s going to continue to be quiet for a bit. The Mrs’ just started some well deserved vacation time. This means I’ll be called upon at all hours to perform such strenuous tasks as moving or acknowledge that I’m being spoken to. Hard work! Speaking of the Mrs, the last batch of heath tests came back good and clean. Finally! I gotta tell ya, things have been pretty tense over here the past few months. It’ll be nice to get that stuff off our minds.

In the content arena, we has a comic come out. Nada Nerd is one I almost didn’t publish. I thought it might have been a little.. well, easy joke. I also think the Simpsons did it. Response was good though.

I really liked the latest Star Trek Online article. It is an interesting story from an entertainment media perspective. Imagine playing an MMO where you only had the last half. Then, three years later you get the first part. Odd, indeed! I knew I would end up doing something about STO’s expansion. Little did I know that the thing that really resonated with me would not be one of their mainstream features.

The Mrs. finally put fingers to keyboard once again and wanted to chat about Natsume’s Book of Friends. She’s got a knack for finding these secret little anime treasures.

That about does it for me. Not a lot of stuff to talk about. At least not without ranting Winking smile We all hope July finds you happy, healthy, and fine. We love you!

Thanks for reading!