Steam Summer Sale Started

steam saleThe Steam Summer Sale is once again upon us. While this year’s prices are more inline with what Steam sales have looked like recently rather than the epic must-see deals that made Steam the biggest PC, Mac, and Linux game store on the web, there are still some bargains to be found. And some of the lightning deals are still amazing!

Update: I take it back. This Summer Sale has been great!

Topping our list of recommendations is, of course, Scribblenauts Unlimited which can be had for a mere $5 (watch us play). FTL, still one of the greatest space games of all time at any price, it’s on sale for $2.50 (read our story-review and strategy guide). Finally, while many Indie titles are on-sale for three or four bucks, the real treasure for bargain hunters is McPixel for a lean $0.99.

What’s McPixel? It’s a game I recommended that costs a buck! What more do you need to know?

shot9Sheesh, alright… McPixel takes old-school point-n-click adventure gaming and throws it at you in rounds of six 20-second, rapid-fire microgames. Something is going to explode and you only have a click or two to save the day. While focused more on trail and error than logic, McPixel is crammed full of toilet humor and frequently makes less sense than a rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle means finding all the ways to fail in McPixel is more fun than completing the challenges.

Dungeons-of-Dredmor-2011-07-26-11-12-07-60_thumbUpdate: I also need to add Dungeons of Dredmor to my little recommendations list. It seems odd I haven’t mentioned it more around here considering it has become my favorite Rogue-alike in the past couple years. DoD takes the traditional turn-based dungeon plunge formula and adds a bit of MMO-styled interface niceties, crafting, unique skills (Vegan, Battle Geology), and 4th wall breaking comedy sprinkled with pop culture references. The game is a steal at its regular $5 price, but at $1.24, it’s a must have. The full bundle with DLC (one of which is free anyway) will set you back a whole $2.49. And for those scared of traditional Rogue-alike permadeath, there’s an option to turn it off. You wussy. Add in Steam Workshop support for 1-click mods, and you’ve got a game that will give back for years. Probably in lutefisk, but, hey, whatever.

The real disappointment of the formerly amazing Steam sale is, once again, the lack of any gaming activities. Once a showcase of special game modes and scavenger hunts, this latest Steam sale sees Valve stinking to a new low with their Trading Card system that encourages users to buy and sell achievements (yes, with real money and, yes, Steam takes a cut of all user transactions) for functional client upgrades like an expanded friends list or more widgets on their profile page. Way to go at making Microsoft look classy!

Still, with dang near everything on sale for prices at least on par with their daily specials and community selected lightning deals every 8 hours, there’s sure to be something you can save a few bucks on. Check it out at

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