Indie Soviet Era Paperwork Thriller Game ‘Papers, Please’ Released Today

Working at a border checkpoint is no joke. Working a border checkpoint in a fictional analog to Soviet occupied East Germany with a starving family at home, a book of rules that changes every day, and an endless line of immigrants who will live or die based on your decisions, is downright nightmarish. And that’s before you factor in the human trafficking ring, secret societies, and spies using your booth as a drop point. Enter the world of Papers, Please: A Dystopian Document Thriller. Get ready to leverage your arsenal of rubber stamps, nude scanners, panic buttons, and questionable morality as you confront on of the most original and ingenious game of 2013.


For more information and a video walkthrough of the beta, check out the Mrs. and myself arguing over whether or not to let a suspected murderer with perfectly valid paperwork cross the border in our Mr and Mrs Otaku Play: Papers, Please feature.

To import your own copy of the final version, head on over to and rubber stamp your choice of Steam, GoG, or Humble Store. *Pro Tip: The Humble Store gets you not only the stand-alone, DRM-free version, but a code for activation of a Steam copy as well.

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