Japanese Anti-Piracy Campaign So Popular It’s Getting Action Figures

nomoretoys Man, I bet the MPAA wish they had this level of marketing synergy!

The ‘NO MORE Movie Thief’ series of shorts have been showing before feature presentations since 2007. The ads feature the dastardly Camera Man illegally filming and downloading the latest movies only to be busted by the heroic Patrol Lamp Man. After seven years of delaying the start of the hottest films at local movie houses, the duo have achieved a good deal of public awareness and their kitschy designs have sparked everything from fan art to cosplay. Never one to miss the opportunity to make a couple bucks on a pop culture craze, Namco-Bandai has announced an upcoming figure/charm collection featuring the two.

The action charms will set you back 3024 JYP (about $29) per set so you can wear a statement of your opposition to the most dangerous crime of the modern era: Movie piracy.

Source: TorrentFreak

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