PC Gaming on the Cheap: Where to Get Game Bundles

3DKP_H When hardware for your gaming platform of choice starts at $400 and knows no upper limit, you may need to start pinching pennies on the software side of things. Gaming bundles have quickly become one of my favorite ways to bolster a library full of rainy day titles. As long as you’re not looking to get in on the latest and greatest, the following links will help you find tons of great games for prices so low they make mobile app stores look downright pricy. They early bird may get the water cooler conversation, but it’s the night owl that gets the great deals.

Without further ado or bad metaphors, here’s a list of the sites that have been the most detrimental to my gaming backlog.

Bundle Stars

You know those people who complain about everything on the App Store that costs more than a buck? They’re gonna seem like Mr. Moneybags after a few visits to Bundle Stars. Run by UK publisher Focus Interactive, these guys are doing more to destroy the economy that any President Bush dreamed of. Take, for example, their ‘Brutal Bundle’. You get a couple retail games (Tropico 4, Port Royale 3), some indie darlings (Stealth Bastard, Steel Storm), some moldy oldies (Earth 2150 Trilogy), and a $35 starter pack for the free-to-play King’s Bounty Legions. Estimated value: $185. Cost of the 10 title Brutal Bundle: $5! And this is the rule, not the exception!

Payment are handles securely via PayPal or Google Wallet. The game codes provided are redeemed via already established digital storefronts, usually Steam.


I’ve haven’t done business with Groupees yet, but considering they’ve got a bundle up with the Gobliiins Trilogy, Raiden Legacy, and something called Saturday Morning RPG, I foresee that situation changing in the near future. Name your price for a bushel of games. Pay more that the requested amount, usually something piddly like $4, and get additional bonus titles. Need more than games? Groupees isn’t shy about sneaking in some music or even graphic novels with certain bundles for fans of less interactive entertainment. Special props for payment options including not just PayPal and Google, but Amazon as well.

Humble Bundle

Arguably the original and still best place for video game bundles. And more! It’s not uncommon for Humble Bundle to offer up ebooks, digital comics, or audio books in their bundles. The price? You make the call. Humble Bundles let you determine how much you’re going to pay with bonuses to anyone who gives more than the average price (Usually $6 gets you there). You’ll be helping charity, too! By default a percentage of your purchase goes to help various charities or non-profit groups. If ‘a percentage’ isn’t good enough, Humble Bundle lets you make the call as to exactly how much.

Anyone already into gaming is probably already aware of Humble Bundle. They’ve got a rep for dishing up the very best from the indie scene along with a bevy of bonuses including versions for multiple OSs as well as MP3s of the games’ soundtracks. All that at a price that, literally, fits anyone’s budget and helps support good causes. Special kudos are due to Humble Bundle’s excellent user library offering not just keys for major digital distribution sites, but direct downloads and BitTorrent links of DRM free versions.

Indie Gala

Indie Gala is what you might call a ‘clone’ of Humble Bundle. Choose your price, support charity, pay more than the average and get bonus stuff. Indie Gala, however, still has some of that indie spunk we don’t see much in other bundle shops these days. Where Humble Bundle has grown up, Indie Gala has grown out. The site features non-stop, cutthroat flash sales, game trading, and giveaways so gamified it makes my head hurt. Even after you’ve grabbed your games and given to good causes, there is a ton to do for game collectors and bargain shoppers on Indie Gala.

Indie Royale

Indie Royale comes to us courtesy of Linden Labs, the company behind such innovative community driven projects as Second Life and the Desura digital distribution platform. Indie Royal is notable for a few reasons. First is their ability to pick the newest up-and-comers in the indie scene. You’ll find games featured in the Indie Royale bundles long before they go on sale anywhere else. Secondly, eligible games come with download codes for not just Steam, but Desura as well allowing users an alternative to Valve’s DRM client (Direct downloads are also available). Finally, the pricing model puts the impetus on the community to dictate the cost. Indie Royale bundles start at a certain price and increases when people pay the minimum. The price decreases when customers pay more than the minimum. Yep, it’s not just a game bundle, but yet another intriguing social experiment from Linden.

…And More

As you’d expect, there are new sources for game bundles popping up from time to time as well as offers not showcased on the dedicated bundling sites. To keep track of the deals going on at the popular bundle brokers, check out Indie Game Bundle Wiki. For a more general showcase about the gaming deals of the day, give Indie Kings’ Bundle Tracker a try.

And if you’re still in the mood for something a little more retail, consider checking out the digital deals at Amazon using this; Our handy, homemade referral link. ‘Cause researching this article caused a great number of impulse buys and I need ta pay down the credit card before the Mrs. finds out ;)

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