Public Domain Internet Archive Expands with Classic Console Emulators and Roms in Your Browser

atari_2600_river_raid_1982_activision_carol_shaw_ax-020_ax-020-04_screenshot Back before these whipper-snappers took over the airwaves, console gaming meant something much more than Xboned Modern Military Multiplayer Murder Mayhem 6. It meant Atari. Yessir, the games of MY youth were ugly, repetitive affairs steeped in unfair level design and one-hit kills. And we liked it that way!

Now The Internet Archive ( has brought that old-school gaming ‘goodness’ of yesteryear back to you via a Javascript enabled web browser.

Dubbed The Console Living Room, this newest section of brings you a wide variety of your best and worst gaming memories of yesteryear from a variety of systems including the ColecoVision, Odyssey, Astrocade, Atari 2600 & 7200, and even Sega's original console, the SG-100. Not only are software emulators and the digital dumps of these cartridges available for everyone to download, but an embedded Javascript window let’s you blast back to 1982 for a game of River Raid at the click of a button.

Check out The Console Living Room at The Internet Archive. For more retro fun, see the full Software Collection at where they have terabytes of nostalgic data including the FTP Boneyard with copies of the old FTP sites from such luminaries as Netscape and Lotus, or the CD archive with copies of magazine and shareware demo disks.

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