Blog Template Updated to Remove Third Party Tracking

cookie_monster Just a quick heads-up: I did a little hack-n-slash on GUO’s template. I’ve removed all analytics and ad tracking. The result should be a kinder, gentler browsing experience.

Sadly, there are two exceptions. The first is YouTube. You kinda get stuck with it every time a YouTube video is embedded. The second is a wee bit more sinister, but no more harmless.

The page header has a callback to Google’s Ad Sense network stuck in it. No matter how many times I remove this function from the template, Google puts it back in. Welcome to life of Google’s Blogger platform! It’s not actually displaying any ads, but it is going out and grabbing The Big G’s advertising code. This means, much like the rest of the Internet, it’s probably tracking you.

As always, we encourage everyone to use ad blocking plugins, enable your browser’s do not track function, and use some kind of basic online security such as HTTPS Everywhere.

While the load time of GUO should have decreased, I know that we do run a media rich show here. Actually, it’s usually that silly Facebook button slowing us down, but whatever. Anywho, if GUO doesn’t load in an acceptable amount of time I’d encourage you to update your bookmark to use our mobile template:

Oh, and let me know if something broke. I get chills every time I touch the blog template.

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