Release Day! Come Get Your Alpha Build! | The Brick Dead Project

Woo-hoo! On this penultimate episode of The Brick Dead Project, we’re once again giving away video gaming goodness! Through the miracle of hard work and Search, Grandpop has manage to combine classic arcade action with modern game styles, all without resorting to pixel art or chip tunes.

I did it! And, lemme tell ya something, if you think you know everything that’s inside this latest build from reading these articles, you’re in for a great many surprises.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover and I’ve reserved myself one last article in this series as a wrap-up, so let’s get started. First thing’s first. Below you’ll find download links for your platform of choice. Complete instructions covering controls, gameplay, and technical issues can be found after the page jump.

Break Out Your Dead Prologue – v0.11 Alpha

*Updated 5/1/14*

WindowsMac OSXLinux

*Update 3/5/15 – v0.2 Alpha coming soon with improved graphics, code optimizations, and more!*


Break Out Your Dead Prologue – Alpha Build v0.1

To Install simply unzip wherever you’d like and run '”boyd-alpha1”. Only the Windows version has been tested at the time of this writing.

The Objective in each map of Break Out Your Dead (BOYD) is to clear the area of enemies. Enemies are Tombstones, Crypts, Skeletons, and Zombies. You do so by leveraging your arsenal of bouncing Spell Balls and Utility Spells to destroy said baddies.

The Main Menu allows you to pick a map to play on. Maps are separated into two categories. Level I maps skew towards classic brick-breaking games of yesteryear and feature few or no moving enemies. Level II maps frame BOYD as a more modern action game, pitting you against groups of animated foes and enemy spawn locations.

The User Interface (UI) consists of the following elements:

    1. Mana Bar – Displays your current amount of Mana out of a maximum of 500. This is your stored spellcasting power. Fully charging Spell Balls or using Repel Undead will deplete your Mana. Restore it by catching Mana Charges from Goddess Statues.
    2. Health Bar – Displays your current amount of Health out of a maximum of 5. While your wizard is protected from harm by an array of wards and spells, your retinue of follows are not so lucky. Each Spell Ball or Enemy that leaves the graveyard will injure these folks decreasing their faith in you, measured as Health. When Health reaches zero, the people have lost faith in you and the quest cannot continue.
    3. Selected Spell Ball – Shows Spell Ball that will be cast using primary Cast Spell button
    4. Amulet of Ages – The Amulet of Ages allows you to slow time. This begins dark and empty. Over time, the amulet will glow with stored power. Press and hold the Slow Time button to use its power.
    5. Goddess Statue – Most maps include one or more of these statues. Hit it with any Spell Ball except Holy and it will release a Mana Charge. Catch this Mana Charge with your Shield to gain 25 Mana.
    6. Shield – Your anti-magic shield is automatically deployed when not casting or stunned. User it to bounce Spell Balls around the graveyard and catch Mana Charges. Anti-magic shields do not have any effect on the undead.
    7. Wizard – That’s you!

The Controls support both keyboard/mouse and PC compatible gamepads including the Xbox 360 controller. All controls listed below are defaults. You can configure your own controls via the Input tab of the pre-game launcher when starting BOYD. NOTE: Menus do not currently work with gamepads.

    • Movement is handled via the WADS keys or arrow keys on the keyboard or via left stick on gamepads. Your Wizard is a scholar (re: coward) ,not a battlemage. As such he will not move more than ten-feet into the graveyard.
    • Rotation is handled by moving the mouse sideways or via the right stick on gamepads. Rotation is capped to certain angles as your Wizard is not about to turn his back on the undead forces.
    • The In-Game Menu can be invoked by pressing ESC or gamepad button 7 (Start on Xb360). This pauses the game and presents options for quitting or restarting a map.
    • Cast your selected Spell Ball (Displayed in the upper left) by pressing and holding the left mouse button or gamepad button 5 (right bumper on Xb360). You can release the button any time before the spell is fully charged to cancel without using Mana. You will hear a ding and see sparks once the spell is fully charged. Release the button to launch it forward. A fully charged spell cannot  be canceled.
    • Change your selected spell using the mouse wheel or gamepad axis 5 (d-pad left/right on Xb360).
    • Select spell and cast directly using quick keys for each Spell Ball. Press and hold 1-4 on keyboard or button 0-3 on gamepad (colored face buttons on Xb360) to charge and cast just like the ‘Cast selected spell’ button. You can also just tap the corresponding button to select without charging/casting.
    • Repel Undead pushes all moving undead creatures backwards and knocks them to the ground. Use this via the right mouse button or gamepad button 4 (left bumper on Xb360)
    • Slow Time by pressing and holding space bar on the keyboard or button 8 on gamepads (press in left stick on Xb360).

Your Arsenal is full of balls and magic!

    • Force Ball (Keyboard: 1, Gamepad: 2,  Xb360: blue/X)
      • Cost: 100 Mana
        • The workhorse. Use Force Ball to destroy hard targets like Tombstones, Skeletons, and Crypts. Zombies are too squishy to be hurt by Force, but it will knock them around a bit.
    • Heal Ball (Keyboard: 2, Gamepad: 0, Xb360: green/A)
      • Cost: 50 Mana
        • A pinch of herbs and holy magic. Use Heal Ball to restore health and faith to your followers, thus restoring the Health Bar. You WANT this one to go out of bounds.
    • Fire Ball (Keyboard: 3, Gamepad: 1, Xb360: red/B)
      • Cost: 50 Mana
        • That flashy one everyone wants! Fire is useless against hard targets, but is the only way to destroy Zombies. You can also set trees and logs on fire.
    • Holy Ball (Keyboard: 4, Gamepad: 3, Xb360: yellow/Y)
      • Cost: 150 Mana
        • Big bada-boom! Harness the power of the Gundam God of Beam Cannons! Holy Ball is a one-shot spell that passes through all objects, does not bounce, and vaporizes nearly everything evil in its path.
    • Repel Undead (right mouse button, Gamepad: 4, Xb360: left bumper)
      • Cost: 25 Mana
        • Show off your Jedi heritage with this spell that pushes all moving undead creatures backwards and knocks them to the ground.
    • Slow Time (Keyboard: Space, Gamepad: 8, Xb360: click left stick)
      • Cost: 0 Mana
        • Invoke the mysteries of The Amulet of Ages to slow time to a crawl. Slow Time does not use Mana but rather relies on the ever increasing power of the Amulet displayed in the upper right. When the gem in the amulet is purple and sparkling, it has stored enough power to be activated by pressing and holding the Slow Time button.

Known Issues:

    • Gamepad controls do not work on menus.
    • Main Menu buttons are cut off on 4:3 displays. If you are experiencing this on a widescreen monitor, ensure that your resolution is set properly in the pre-game launcher (Most people should just be able to select the maximum resolution listed without issues).
    • On rare occasions, a skeleton hit with Repel Undead may get up on the underside of the terrain.
    • On rare occasions, balls on the small maps may become stuck in the same bounce pattern.
    • The game ending while in slow motion may cause endgame menu to appear twice.

Other Issues:

    • The Amulet of Ages is purple but Slow Time won’t activate. This is by design. It’s not purple enough Smile with tongue out The Amulet requires a certain minimum power level to activate. The gem in the center will begin sparkling when minimum power level has been reached (Note white sparkles in image above).
    • Game Manager will fail you out when it deems you do not have enough Mana or Spell Balls in play to complete the level, returning an “Out of Mana” fail state. Game Manager will never fail a player due to a lack of Mana if there is still a chance to win. Due to the variety of enemies and ways they need to be disposed of, your game may continue in an unwinnable situation. For example, you have 75 Mana, no Force Ball in play, and one Tombstone left. Use the Pause Menu to restart or quit in this case. 
    • Getting hit while holding a fully charged Spell Ball destroys it. This is by design. Getting hit does not cause you to lose health, but will knock you back, drop the shield, and cancel and spells being cast. This includes fully charged/paid for Spell Balls that are being held.
    • Yes, the “Against the Horde” map CAN be won. Suck it up, n00b! But, yeah, it’s really hard. Remember to leverage all your abilities, including Repel and Heal Ball.


I think that should just about cover it. Go forth and Break Out Your Dead! (Like you actually hung around to read the directions, LOL)

We love you! Thanks for playing.


  1. Heh. I did hang around to read the directions. And played the first few levels. Is fun. The barrier looks like a purple circle on the ground rather than a wall, though. A little confusing. It looks great, otherwise. I removed the 'fly' from the firefly tree on the left side early. :D

    1. The shield should like like it does in the animated GIF at the bottom of this post:

      Sounds like some odd graphic glitch we haven't seen here. Radeon card by any chance? I was only able to test with Intel and Nvida GPUs. Could you screenshot that (Fraps is free and will screenshot directX software) and email it to me or the Mrs. Oh, and let me know your video driver version also if it's not too much trouble.

    2. Actually, I have an idea to fix it. I've updated a new build (Yay patching!). Redownload and give it a try

  2. Hm. For some reason my answer didn't post... The shield does look like it does in that pic, but with no shading or anything, to my (colorblind) eyes it looks like a flat purple circle on the ground.

    1. Colorblind?! Gah!

      So what's the problem? It's only a transparent blue bubble on a dark green background ;)

  3. I love this game! It is better than any other brick out games I have ever played!!