Five Fun Trailers from E3 2014

E3 week, the most wonderful time of the year! A time to lay aside out rational expectations and embrace the wonder that may (or may not) show up in our digital toys of tomorrow. In honor of this spirit we are discarding all expectations of real gameplay and picking out five game trailers that were simply fun to watch. Enjoy!

5) Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

Barely making our list is the least entertaining Borderlands trailer yet. Still, to say that this is the least entertaining Borderlands trailer is like saying that a T-bone is the least tasty steak. It’s still yummy, yummy beef!

4) Nintendo Direct

Let’s breaking all the rules for this post. Our #5 pick isn’t a trailer at all, but rather Nintendo’s pre-recorded press conference. To say that it was shocking to see the direction Nintendo went with their presentation is the understatement of E3. While you don’t need to go more than three minutes into this show to understand the why this presentation makes our list, rest assured that there are plenty more Robot Chicken bits scattered throughout.

3) Dead Island 2

It’s E3 and that means video games. It’s video games and that means zombies. In one of the very few surprises of E3, Deep Silver revealed that Dead Island 2 is a thing that will exist sometime in the future (And this ol’ zombie decoupage artist couldn’t be more pleased).

2)  Magicka 2

If you’ve seen a Paradox trailer over the past year, you know that they’d show up on our list somewhere. Blowing up a cat instantly puts this gem right at the top of our list! What? This isn’t our number one pick? Well, there must be something pretty great lying just below this text then.

1) Sunset Overdrive

Aw, yeah! A candy-colored, energy drink fueled zombie apocalypse as envisioned by the creators of Ratchet & Clank (One of the VERY best franchises in gaming)? Sign me up!

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