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Game Profile: World of Tanks Blitz

  • Genre: Slow Motion Multiplayer Team Deathmatch Arena (Online 3rd person shooter)
  • Developer:
  • Publisher:
  • Service Requirements: Online connection, Game Center or account
  • Available For: iOS
  • ESRB Rating: Not rated. No blood (or even people) are present. No swearing.
  • Price: Free
  • Amount Completed: 8 hours. Tier III for all nations.
  • Played On: iPad 2


Personal Bias:

Played a bit of World of Tanks on PC. Didn’t like it, but I could appreciate the game.


In a Nutshell:

World of Tanks (WoT), the slowest online deathmatch arena in the world, beloved by old men, Russians, and old Russian men, comes to mobile. The Blitz variant of WoT scales down the action to smaller (yet still large) maps, 7-man teams, and a single capture point in brisk, seven minute matches.




  • Tanks! A whole world of ‘em! 90 World War II tanks are in at launch each with a plethora of upgrades for their spectacularly detailed models.
  • Great shooting. Shells arc in a realistic fashion yet are easily fired due to the UI targeting compensating for it. Auto aim and FPS “Sniper mode” let you track and hit targets easily, while the terrain, timing, and vehicle physics maintain the need for skill.
  • Explosive damage modeling. Hits can do a wide variety of damage based on hit location and ammo type. Damage tracked not just by hit points, but by performance affecting events to systems like losing a track, being set on fire, or having a crew member killed.
  • Perfect pacing. The new, smaller tank battles does much to liven up the game. While still nowhere near a traditional run-n-gun arena match, the tighter scale and 5-minute matches of Blitz does brings the slugfests of it’s big brother into a realm more easily enjoyed by adrenaline junkies.
  • Smartz not Skillz. While a shooter by technical definitions, WoT Blitz is all about timing and positioning not twitch shooting. 
  • Dead? Quit! There is no respawning in WoT. Mercifully, you’re also not required to sit around for the rest of the match if you’ve been knocked out. Quit, grab another tank, and get in a new fight. An observer camera is available for those wishing to watch the rest of the match from their teammates perspective.
  • Map variety. From icy tundra to French villages to desert plains, the maps of Blitz offer not only changing scenery but a variety of tactical challenges.



  • Pay-2-Win ammo. You’ll have no problems restocking on standard ammunition with in-game credits, but the very existence of more effective shells bought with real money is kind of a bummer.
  • Linear progression. XP is per tank, not per player. Let’s say you’ve got your heart set on the swanky M4. This means sitting through a great many games in craptastic early war U.S. tank destroyers to get it.
  • Free experience isn’t free. Once you buy all the upgrades to a tank, it becomes “Elite”. All XP earned in Elite tanks can be converted to “Free XP” which can be used for upgrading anything. Great! The problem is actually converting XP to Free XP costs premium currency making elite tanks a money sink.
  • No connection to PC WoT account. Have gold or credits on your PC account? Tough. This is a whole new game and you can’t carry anything, even premium currency, over.
  • Guns down battery life quick! Fixed in patch


Final Words:

I wasn't a fan of WoT on the PC, but the tighter, shorter battles of Blitz has made me a believer. This is a fantastic vehicle-based arena shooter for any platform, let alone mobile. The slower, more thoughtful battles are a welcome change of pace from the norm. Mercifully, Blitz follows the PC trends of free-to-play more than mobile and is easy to enjoy without spending a dime.


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