Homemade Rabbit Poop-Powered Flamethrower!


We’re all for reusing and repurposing over here at GUO, and if we can light up the sky doing so… Well, so much the better!

In the beginning, there was the Poop Tank. Today, there’s the flaming poopthrower. National Geographic went out to film Nick as he constructed his latest experiment in home defense. The video below covers everything from concept to explosive result.

*Warning: Video contains mild use of profanity. And crazy people.

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  1. So, I'm the dude in the video, it's been a while since this was filmed. I did the show for doomsday preppers to promote my urban farming business. The flamethrower was just a display of the powers of bio fuel. Hostile Hare is the business, we focus on growing food, but we play with biofuels as well... This was the first time I'd ever weaponized one of my projects though. It was fun!