I Survived Ludum Dare and All I Got Was This Crappy Game I Made in 48 Hours

After a great deal of hemming and hawing, I elected to throw my hat into the ring for the Ludum Dare Compo Game Jam this time.

For the uninitiated, Ludum Dare is perhaps one of the most grueling events known to game-making kind (Well, the "Compo" division is anyway. There is a much more relaxed "Jam" division, but those guys are wussies ;) ). Supplied with a Mystery Theme, contestants have 48 hours to create a complete game from scratch by themselves. All of it. Concept, code, art, audio, UI, control, gameflow, and, of course, working, standalone binaries (An extra "Submission Hour" is allowed to complete publication tasks such as compilation, screenshots, and descriptions). That's it. One person; Two days; Mystery theme; Go!

So, how did it go? I achieved my goal: I finished! Honestly, I didn't actually expect to. I've fussed over particle systems for more than two days, lol. Moreover, I elected to try a ton of stuff I've never even tried before. This was my first purely 2D game, my first vector drawn character, my first runner, my first go at hand-animating sprites, my first look at Unity 5.4, etc. I stacked the deck pretty heavily against myself (That way I had plenty of excuses ;) ), but, somehow, Runty Raptor's Rock Roller happened.

It is charitable to say the game came out... all right. The physics are pretty busted, balance a little too generous (Yes, I made an 'easy' game for once :p), options are non-existent, and all the sound effects are voiced by yours-truly, and I'd die of embarrassment if anyone looked at the source code (Ludum Dare requires the game's source to be submitted alongside the finished product). But, ya know what, it ain't half bad either. Moreover, it's done!

There were some rather unfortunate stumbles along the way, such as having to throw out the entire first draft of the game because it completely broken in every way, or the revelation that dinosaurs ride skateboard, not unicycles (Duh! I'm such a moron. But at least the unicycle physics actually WORKED).

There were some great achievements as well. For someone who's spent their life making a mockery of the term Art, I'm rather pleased with Runty and his Rock Roller. The animation and implementation of skateboarding tricks all got done in the last two hours, with time to spare!

...and I just noticed the typo on the title screen. Sigh... And the fact that the front leg z-sorting in wrong. Now I KNOW I fixed that at some point. What I didn't fix was that the leg is made up of two "lower leg" sprites because I grabbed the wrong one and missed the actual "upper leg" part.

Er, what was my point?

Anyway, I made a game. While I'm more proud of the circumstances and constraints it was made under, you can play it here (Zip download for Win/Mac/Linux). I also managed to plop down a few, quick blog entries on Ludum Dare. You can read those over there.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get away from this damn keyboard for a while.