Games Wot I Made Page Fixed, Expanded, and Updated

Well, seeing as how my lil' corner of Florida is about to be wiped off the map by Hurricane Irma, it seemed like a good time to finish up some outstanding projects. One of the older entries on the procrastination list was the spiffying up of my games page. Good thing, too. It seems that a bunch of the links to my stuff was completely broken (Thanks, Google).

Anyway, everything should be back online and the page itself, while not the best, is at least something more than a list of link. It has been updated with 'box shots' as well as some designer notes, fun facts, and Easter eggs . Didn't have time to get all the screenshots sorted out, so maybe I'll do that next time I plan on cheating death. Probably got some typos hiding in there too.

Perhaps once I'm gone my art will finally be appreciated. Goodbye, cruel Internet! Be better to each other.

You can visit the revised page here or by clicking the "Games Wot I Made" icon in the sidebar.