Behold My Passion... Butterfly

A couple weeks ago I had a red, spiky caterpillar on my window.

Later that afternoon, I had what looked like a moldy caterpillar on my window. I noticed it had, strangely enough, dropped its head on the ground. Yes, really.

The next day I had a cocoon that looked like a white, upside down Metapod on my window.

This morning I have a Gulf fritillary, or passion butterfly, on my window.

Happy Rebirthday, little guy! Here's some pics from the coming out party.

If you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to the party. I'm on the hook to buy the next round of nectar.

UPDATE: Fritillary has left the window! Here's a couple more pic of the mess it left behind.

Here's a barely acceptable close up of the leftover chrysalis:

And this must be what I can only describe at butterfly afterbirth:

Whoever said nature was beautiful should get their rose-colored glasses on over here and scrub up this mess!

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