Mozilla's Holiday Gift Guide Ranks Gadgets Based on Privacy and Creepiness

Non-profit privacy crusaders at the Mozilla Foundation (Firefox) have released a special flavor of gift guide for this season of giving. *Privacy Not Included examines 70 online connected gadgets and scrutinizes them for security, privacy, and disclosure before assigning a "creepiness" rating ranging from Not Creepy (Nintendo Switch) to Super Creepy (Anything from Ring (Yeah, you really should hit both those links)).

Each item on the list gets a full breakdown listing security features, privacy policies, surveillance features, sensitivity of data gathered, and even includes contact information for manufacturers. The cherry on top is a delightfully written hypothesis on worst case scenario.

So maybe you're not too concerned about Fluffy's poop schedule getting out into yonder Digiverse, but ask yourself: "Do I really want to give my money to a company that can't be bothered with writing a privacy policy at all? Do I really want their app on my phone?"

Check out the full guide here.