The Prisoner Remake Review

Let's get this done. The new version of the Prisoner SUCKS. It fails on nearly every level. Do we really need to spend 10 minutes of every episode watching sand blow around while #6's interview with a Village shrink reduced to 2 lines. Why is #6 even paranoid that every one in The Village is an agent when he hasn't been betrayed yet? What is up with all the dialog being whispered? Worst of all, who let monkeys edit this thing together? The Prisoner was sometimes confusing because the plot demanded it. The new Prisoner is confusing because reality, flashbacks, and metaphorical music videos are randomly edited together.

This is a sham. They've taken a thoughtful, FUN, scifi [syfi?] series that is MORE relevant that when it was created and turned it into an amateur rip off of Twin Peaks with no soul. And edited by monkeys.

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