Verizon Response re: DMCA notices

Not official, but the best summary I've seen so far:

"Dont forget. For Verizon, this is really not a change. Verizon is not monitoring your usage. They are not tracking anything. All that is happening is that the RIAA notifies Verizon that there is a violator using a Verizon IP address. The RIAA will send a warning letter to Verizon and then Verizon will forward that letter to the offender. BUT will NOT share the offenders information with the RIAA. They have been doing this for years. The only change is in the test market, is that they are sending a more strongly worded letter. And all the threats of cancelation and other "penalties" that the RIAA wants included have been removed because Verizon does not want to play the roll of "Internet Monitor". It is too expensive to monitor and manage this type of system and none of the ISP's want to fork out the money to do so. The RIAA wants ISP's to start booting customers off the networks for infringements and Verizon and the other ISP's are not willing to do this, so Verizon offered the compromise to send a more "strongly worded" letter. Nothing is changing. This has already been happening since the demise of the original Napster."

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