How much is too much

So every daily baby pic is taken twice. Not unusual, I usually take all my pictures twice because I suck at it. In this case, the second one is the better one that I end up using. So what do I do with the extras? Local storage isn't an issue since they're only 360k or so. I mean online. Do people really care? Don't we have enough frickin' pictures already anyway? I'm not even a 'picture guy'. I just started this crap after the wedding, and now I've taken it upon myself to act as a media hub so everyone can have access to this stuff.

I think I'll just dump the daily pics into the 6mo folder once in a while.

Also since all the paranoia over Sarah's divorce is over, I may make the albums public so they can be browsed via Picasa rather than needing to link back here for each one.

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