State of the Guardianship Update

Let me try to take care of some of the big questions I'll be getting:

Permanent guardianship is not official yet. Soon. Supposed to be a "Judicial Review" today. Don't know the status, as usual.

This is nowhere near final. The kids can continue to appeal the decision. The odds on them being successful diminish with time. After about 3 years the chances of the winning approach zero (especially with infants). This is always subject to a judge's whim.

Adoption is not an option. The court would have to terminate parental rights. This involves a much longer, nastier trial. Its easier for The State to take your kids away by making them a ward and assigning guardianship. The exception would be for unwanted children.

As a ward of the state, Chloe would be eligible for "free" college (no details yet). Medicaid, and paid ($200) "child care". There would also be some support for us ($180)

"The Man" gets off my back! No more inspections from DCF or the guardian ad libem. Time to bring back No Pants Thursdays ;)

These are the answers I received speaking with the DCF case worker last night. I cannot guarantee their accuracy, but its what I've got.

Stay tuned for baby registry information suckers! Baby needs a media server!

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