My "From" nickname is different depending on if I send from Gmail or from iGoogle ;) Bizarre.

Also, searching Gmail is strange and sucky. I can't believe Elizabeth's work uses it now. Why don't they at least use POP3 and some type of freeware mail client? Probably never thought of that. Don't see why I couldn't set that up for you. What about Windows Mail (formerly Outlook Express)? I mean, Gmail supports POP3 for Christ's sake! Just use whatever.

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  1. Thanks for the Outlook Express idea - Jabil Google mail does have POP options - and does work with Outlook Express - though you have to do a daily synch with the Google contact list to keep updated on email addresses for Jabil Employees.

    Also, management has confirmed that Microsoft Office (and Windows) are going away. So I need help finding a third party POP email reader that would allow me to do a daily synch of the Google contact list).