A Moment of Clarity

Okay, so while cleaning the garage in prep for the hot water heater move, Granpop decided to take a close look at The Shelf rather than panicking. Turns out that the sagging drywall that caused me so much distress is not, in fact, holding up the water heater. There is a wonderfully stable (I hope!) solid wood shelf there with just a drywall "skin" covering it for appearances. Yay! Threw a few drywall screws in the bottom to improve appearances, and I think I'm good. Now it looks like when I moved in rather than the vomit inducing terror I noticed last week.

Plus Granpop re-learned an important lesson. Regardless of babies, courts, cops, wives, and household disasters, ALWAYS make some quiet time for objective analysis of problems.

Um, sorry. I'm sure there was a better, more cliched way of saying that, but I'm sore and tired.


  1. Sagging dry wall was caused by a leaking hot water heater before I moved. I thought there was another problem that popped up. Sorry!

  2. Don't be sorry! I should have looked much, much more closely.