Lords of Ultima

LoU is MUCH bigger than I thought. I got this mail:

Hey there,

Dark Hand of Valor is a top 20 Alliance expanding from Continent 14(South of yours) and looking for new members to help us get a foothold on Continent 4. End game will require every Alliance to control and dominate areas of up to 8 different continents and we are looking to expand to yours. Most Alliances do not realize this and seem to focus only on one continent, join one like DHV which will help you enjoy end-game play.

We are a mix of casual and hard-core players and offer members a full range of in-game forums with many help files and an active player base that helps each other out. We also offer optional access to a high-end guild website consisting of more than 200 players active in various MMOs and corresponding forums.

If this Alliance sounds like a good fit for you,let me know and I will send you an invite.

DHV Commander

Other continents?! Yep. Turns out there are ALOT. DOZENS! DHV? They're actually ranked #16.

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