What the Heck Do I Do All Day?

Partly for "the record", partly cause I thought my mommy would enjoy it, I present My (ideal) Average Day:

6:30-7:30AM Chloe & Mike wake up. Liz readies & leaves for work.
7:30AM Baby feeding
8:30AM Tea & Internet
10:00AM Morning nap time; Projects & chores
11:30AM-12:30PM "Lunch Time Show" (dishes; Lunch; Bath; Baby dresses)
3:00PM Afternoon nap time; Video games & chores
5:30-6PM Liz home
6:30-7:30PM Dinner
8:30PM "Babyriffic Bedtime Show" (Baby changes to PJs; Snack; "Bullshit Nap")
10:00PM Liz & Chloe go to bed; Mike cleans & prepares AM supplies
12:00AM-1AM Mike goes to bed

Mmmm, that's horrible blogging ;)

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